The Sunshine Group, active since 1974, began as a ladies’ prayer ministry, and grew into a non-profit organization dedicated to helping the needy, less-fortunate, shut-ins, and nursing home patients, and many others, by providing a large variety of gifts at Christmas and throughout the year.  Approximately 10,000 gifts are distributed each year, mostly in our own community, and some go around the world.


What we Do

Mostly, we are asked by local agencies to provide gifts to their clients.  Each request becomes a project for us.  Projects are worked on the entire year, and completed mostly by Christmas, though other events and holidays are also on our project list.  Our Sunshine Gift boxes contain needed items as well as items that just bring cheer to people.  Our gifts are made by refurbishing, recrafting and/or redistributing donated items and supplies.

Examples: when yarn is donated, we have volunteers who knit and crochet hats, scarves, mittens, slippers, afghans, and the like.  When used stuffed animals are donated, we wash and mend them, add missing eyes, use donated laces and fabric scraps to create new outfits or accessories.  If mugs are donated, they may be cleaned up and sanitized and given away as gifts, or filled with candy or flower arrangements, etc.

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